• Cost Of Inequality Story 4a

A woman shares how hard it is to parent and care for two children with disabilities amidst rising costs of bills, essentials and special equipment. "life is hard" 

Hello. I'm doing an interview. I'm a community reporter and I'm interviewing a person to give feedback about their thoughts and feelings about the cost of living and how it's impacted them over to you. Hello

My name is um So, Adam, uh, I think for for Children, uh, because, uh, cost of living alone is very expensive. Uh, I have two Children. Uh, disability, Autistic, That is everything is, uh, expensive food, especially, and clothes

I wash it every day three times four times. And I was in, uh, more food. The food is the food enough for you and your family, then the food is not enough

Not enough. The Children is needed. Needed? Needed

My Children is under the 16 years the only four. I. I can't not working this problem for the working

I know sleeping my Children is not sleeping the early night and they wake up the wake up for the night. Yes. Uh, OK, I need the more, uh, for the nappies

Keeping the for me is four for the day is not enough. And the child is needing maybe 60 or eight in the day. I have to

It is a more, uh, expensive. I go to buy, uh, OK, the water, OK, for the the electric is very hard. And then the my Children is, uh, good for the shower in the day, maybe three times

Four times. I need it. It is very awkward for me

Was in the morning. Electric. Yeah

So how do you How does it make you feel apart from you said that it's having an impact on you with electric and the nappies, and I cannot waste the money. The money is money that you need and you're not work. You said earlier on that You wasn't working, didn't you? Yeah, OK, I have more experience

More history, OK? Is it are you getting? Are you getting any support for that? Are you speaking to anybody? You need support. OK, That's well, that's something that we can talk about at the end of the interview. Is there anything you want to add? Um, about travel? How do your Children get to very hard? I am not driving I go to So it was very hard for my Children and he needed a taxi

What? You have to pay a tax.

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