Kay a single mum in her 40’s with teenage children tells us:

‘I am suffering really bad, I get my carers allowance tomorrow and I already know that it will all be swallowed up in direct debits and overdraft charges so I already know I have no money for gas, electricity or food. I have been on my period 3 days without a sanitary towel using old towels and rags to keep clean.... I cry myself to sleep and I wake up in tears. Each day is a battle of survival and intelligence to find food and resources’

Kay would like to start her own cleaning business. She has been accessing training and support for women starting up in business, but the uncertainty of it is scary. She struggles financially and in the past has been left without any money for 6 weeks. Understandably, she does not want to find herself in this situation again.

The story has been captured as part of the Stockport Community Insight programme.

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