• Project Reflective Interview

A CONTINUE Partner from Trafford talks about their experience on the project and what they thought of the Knowledge Exchange event that took place.

Hello. This is Georgia. Mhm. I'm good

How are you? Yeah, Um, so there are a lot of questions or no. So it it it will just be like a short conversation. Really? It's not like a set of list of questions that I'm gonna ask you

Um, it's just It's just like a recorded conversation about how you think the knowledge exchange went, really? So it should only last about They usually last about 10 minutes, and then we run out of things to talk about. So, yeah, if I just start So I'll send you, um, a consent form when we finish, just so we can just So we have your permission to use it, um, to use the audio recording. But it's not

It won't get posted anywhere. It'll just be for, like, uh, internal review process. Yeah, No worries

Cool. OK, so I'm trying to think of a question now. So it it's been a while, isn't it? Since the knowledge exchange event

Um what? What was your experience of it? Like, How do you think it went? Um, I thought it was good. It was nice to have kind of like a good a mix of people in the space. And then I think it was just kind of because we kind of brought together people from a lot of different groups

It was nice to have those slightly different, um, views and opinions and kind of share that all out. Yeah. And do do you, in terms of the people that were in the space Do you think it was, um, like, it represented people from the local community? Yeah, I know really well, because I think it was the fact that we had kind of people from the very local area, along with people from just like, Wider Trafford

So it means it was like, kind of an array of people with slightly different backgrounds, but all who are very much using the same space. Yeah, um, in terms of the like, the recommendations that people spoke about and discussed it have I know that the I think it was the day after the the knowledge exchange or the Friday after the knowledge exchange. Um, there was, like, a little bit of a consultation with the local MP

Has how has has any of that work continued since the since it happened? So we have sent through some of the stuff that came out of that to various people in positions of power. And then with that follow up meeting, we have since got a meeting with the, um via the local MP with Manchester United because it was obviously the fact that they were part of the reasons why we kind of were getting a loss of a safe space. We've since managed to use the contact to book a meeting

And I think that's happening very early next month. Oh, cool. Brilliant

That's excited. And it will the young people be involved in that meeting, or will it be like staff and people from that are speaking to them? Um, so it will be young people who are at the meeting. Oh, cool

Fabulous. Um, and then there'll be some staff as well will be about. And it is it like an in person thing? Yeah

No, it will be in person. Wow. Are they? Are they going to Old Trafford then or are they coming to you? And I think they're coming to us with the idea being like, if, um, they're gonna be taking our space, it's almost like uh, the young people showing the space that they would be losing

That makes sense. And is there still, like, a large like the young people that came to the knowledge exchange event and the other event that Hill hosted? Um, is it Is it like a a solid member? Like, is it the same young people that were at those two events? Or is it like, a bit of more of a fluid group so people can come in and out as when they want, So it's gonna be some from those groups, But I also think we are looking to kind of get as many people there as we can for just representing as much as the wider local community as possible and going back to the knowledge exchange. Um, how how do you think the young people found it? Because I because I'm not, um, like, I've worked with some of the young people that were there in some of the sessions that, uh, PV m had delivered, but did did you get a chance to talk to any of them about how they think it went? So I think, um, from what I have heard from them

They all really enjoyed it. And I think the fact that they were just talking to someone who was in that position of power, I think they really enjoyed that element of it as well. Um, because I think for them it's the whole thing of often when there's things like that that are happening

Um, it's the feeling that they kind of they have the conversations, but the conversations don't really go anywhere. So I think the fact that they were talking directly to someone who was in a position of power, it just made them feel more like it was actually something of value that was being done. That's good

Is there anything else that you any other bits of feedback? Maybe more specifically related to, like the continued project and the like, the social action sessions? Um, so I know from to the youth cabinet who were there that they really enjoyed the social action stuff for almost just, um, doing a little bit more kind of like direct action, almost because I think for them it is the whole thing of they do some campaigning, but I think kind of working with another group of young people and kind of having you guys there facilitating that specifically, I think they, um, found that quite useful because I think I can't remember if if they've done stuff like this before, I mean, I imagine they have because they're part of the youth council. Well, one of them had, but I don't think all of them had, I think some of them. It was kind of the first bit of social action they'd done

And is it something that Hill have done before? Social action work. And I I'm pretty sure I saw something on your instagram about, like maybe last week or the week before. There's, like, lots of balloons getting popped on a wall

It look cool. Oh, yeah. So that was part of the bonfire night stuff

Um, and that was I was just looking at things in the area that they want changed. So I think it's something that we we do do. But I I think it's something like because there's so many groups that go hell, it's almost like it's not that everyone would get a chance to be involved in that

Yeah, And I remember at the knowledge exchange event I remember someone. I think it was a representative from Brentwood or Trafford Council. I can't and I know that that they were working on kind of like a partnership programme where they were trying to get young people to have their say on what happens to I think it was Stratford Mall and like other places in Stratford is any

Is anything any progress been made in that some of the young people who are part of that are now going to be working on, um, that going forward. So I think there's a group of young people who are doing that work with them and working with Brentwood. I think that's kind of continuing

Amazing. I can't think of anything else to ask you. Now have you got any other? Any other? Anything else that you'd like to mention before we finish? Um, so I think the events I think were good

I think it's a really nice way for the young people to get their voices heard and to kind of have those like developing an idea sessions. And so I think I would say that like the thing that kind of came out of it most for all of them was kind of that whole thing of just getting to work with another group of young people in an area of focus that they chose. Um, and I think they all just found that really valuable

And I think some of the activities in terms of like planning that were done were just really good, and they enjoyed them as well. Cool. I I think, what me reflecting back on it because I delivered it

But it was based on training that we'd had like earlier on in the project. I think it would have been nicer to have a little bit more time, you know, to actually deliver the social actions rather than it happening at the knowledge exchange event. I think it would have been cool if we'd have had, you know, some sessions where we were actually campaigning and putting all the plans into practise

I still I still really enjoyed it, though I think it was. It's good to hear that the young people got got stuff out of it as well. Yeah, no, I think it's just one of the things where just kind of because of the amount of sessions and the fact that it wasn't a specific group throughout all of it was the only thing

I think I'd try and improve for next time. But I think a lot of that is just to do with young people and their availability. Yeah, you can't guarantee it, can you? I think they they're giving so much of their time

It's almost like it's like a job almost in it or like a volunteering position. Where you to make a commitment to come to a session every week is quite a big thing to do. So I'm glad every session that we did run, we got someone there, so that was a success

Yeah, and I think the fact we did have some people who were at a lot of them was also good. But it's just a shame that we kind of couldn't get everyone. Well, thank you

If if you've got any more anything else to say, I'll let you speak. But if not, we can finish. Um, not that I can think of, but if if anything else comes up, I'll just send it to you in an email

Yeah, that's fine. Brilliant. Nice

Well, nice to talk to you..

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