An attendee of the CONTINUE Multiplier Event discusses what the biggest impact of the pandemic was on young people.

Hello. Hi. What's your name? Please tell you my name is Andrew. Okay

And can you tell us a bit about your experiences of pandemic period, please? Sure. I guess the first thing that came to my mind when this topic was brought up was very distinctly. I have a memory of being in my kitchen in Montana, which is in Italy, and I had just moved there maybe four months beforehand, and I don't know why, but I just remember being on the phone with my mom and just having that moment of really feeling the distance

Um, we were in a hole in total lockdown, So we in Italy kind of hit us first, I guess, in the western world. And so we were locked down, and the first kind of week was a little bit like, Well, this is crazy. A kind of a weird experience

But then, uh, really sunk in. And I just remember being there and having this technology which normally was a way to connect with people from distances and just having that moment and just like, completely like breaking down and started crying and being like that fear of, uh, you know I was. I think it was 26 when it broke out and like I had just moved to Europe and feeling almost really excited about this new adventure I was going on and then all of a sudden, feeling so isolated

So the world was really open for me, and then it was really closed off. So that was kind of remember, just that one moment I could really feel I have such a distinct memory. But the other thing is, then, you know, it was not just one experience, it was over amount of time

And I remember, uh uhh. I ended up getting out of that experience and I was working at a bar and then I lost my job because yeah, he kept working in a bar is kind of hard. And then I got a cool job working at a really interesting alternative school, and I was working with the kids that were, like, eight or nine, and so I remember exciting and type of experience, but they're almost like a little snapshot of a snapshot of an experience that I remember was, uh, one of the one of my students had a lot of trouble with masks unless you couldn't keep it up

And it was this really weird thing trying to force 789 year olds to keep this mask up. Keep the mascot, keep the mask up. And it became almost, you know, they were all Italian kids and became this experience of like this realising like this was the English that they were learning

This was the vocabulary that they were learning. But also more than that, just like not being able to see their smiles and like losing that aspect of communication was really hard and disheartening. So although we were able to kind of respond and still be places, that was kind of those experiences of these things

That cat on separately? Yes. Half of your face or yes, actually separated physically. Also the physical separation

But even when we were close still being separated? Yes. So I guess those were kind of my experiences of being a young person or being around young people are just Those are kind of just two little snot. Thank you very much for sharing

Thank you. Have a nice day.

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