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An attendee of the CONTINUE Multiplier Event discusses what the biggest impact of the pandemic was on young people.

what is your experience was the biggest impact of the pandemic and young people. Um, in my experience, I think young people were very isolated and they felt very alone. I sometimes think that it's also because young people don't really have hobbies. I think a lot of young people deal or they spend a lot of time on social media and they don't have hobbies that they can do offline, Um, which would make a big change

I think they would read more if they would be engaged in creative, crafty things. And I think that was a kick start. I think a lot of young people started doing that when they were in lockdown, and they certainly had to figure out what is a hobby and what can I do? And many people started cooking and baking, and I'm not sure how sustainable that was, how much they do it right now in their own life after the pandemic

But I think for me that was a very big that had a big impact to see that we also need to give people a hobby that is outside of the social media. Um, do you have a new hobby. Um, I have a lot of hobbies myself anyway, already

So the pandemic for me was a very easy. It was a very nice time. I had finally a lot of time to do my readings and all that stuff that I don't really get to do that extent excessively in my everyday life

So, yeah, So you're most happy is reading, reading and art stuff and cooking and baking. And, um, I was also lucky. I was not alone because I live with my friends, and that was a completely different game change

I think if you're if you live alone or if you live with your family, it's more difficult to survive. Overcome? Yeah. Yeah, Exactly

Okay. Thank you. Thank you


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