Alan visits the park every day to walk, and does bowling when he can, even though he isn't good enough to play properly - so doesn't get to play as much as he would like to. He plays bowling because he enjoys it, and the company.

He used to feed the birds, but that's too expensive now... he can't afford the bird seed.

He talks about the condition of the paths not being great - the leaves make it hard to walk with a walking stick, its not very safe, when he used to live near Alexander Park the leaves were cleared every day. But that's what happens when you have trees. He thinks the trees are fantastic though! 

Alan also talks about the flooding, and how that could be have been dealt with better... it floods in the parts of the park he walks in! It took a long time to sort - and they should have maybe created a path that didn't mean you had to go on the wet grass. It was a long while before it was safe enough for him to walk.

During the lock down - loved seeing how busy the park was, how people came to the park, young and old... spent the day coming! 

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