The interview discusses the benefits and positive impact of volunteering.

OK, so we have Chris here, who's a volunteer at VC FA. So Hi, Chris. Can you just tell me more about your volunteer role at Bar VC FA? Yeah. Um, my role is mostly administrative and home based

Um, this includes processing new membership applications, um, updating any new information we might receive on memberships and researching for potential new members and other things here and there as time goes on. Brilliant. Um, so if you just tell me about any challenges or successes, um, you've experienced as a volunteer

Yeah, I I've challenged myself, um, in other non admin roles as a volunteer, Um, in the last year and a half. Um, these are such as working in a gardening group, uh, which is mostly, very much outside my comfort zone and yet a litter picking group as well. Um, I've never been involved in anything like that before

Um, I also feel I've successfully integrated back into a working environment after a period of absence from it, and feel a great satisfaction in selflessly helping charitable causes. Um, I've also worked in a charity shop previously so brilliant. And, um, why do you volunteer? Why do I volunteer

Yeah, well, partly as I needed it as a pathway back into paid employment, which is, um, which I have a period of absence from, Um, but I also enjoy meeting like people, uh, with a similar world view and, uh, broaden my mind. Really? Um, and I like to challenge myself in working in AAA, Not an unfamiliar workplace as well. Um, I've also had a strong sense of community, uh, which can come together for the great of good of others

Um, yes. And other things as well. Brilliant

And finally, what have you got out of volunteering? Well, I've got volunteering. Mostly, is maintaining good social skills because I think that's something you can easily lose over a period of time and the sense of, um, improved self confidence and getting valuable experience from other future employment, too. Um, it's also pleasing to have that feeling of giving back to society, which we don't often get a chance to do

We? We can receive a lot of, um, uh, help from charities, but it's you know, it's not many people get the opportunity to give back which obviously I'm enjoying doing, um and, um, yeah, I just think basically, it's good for the soul. Brilliant. Thank you very much, Chris

Thank you..

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