Angele talks about her experience volunteering and the programme she leads for children called Literacy Pirates involving volunteers

Thank you. And thanks for your time. Um, I wonder if you could just tell me how you're involved in volunteering. So I'm the volunteer manager at the literacy

I've worked there for about a year. And before that, I was working for another charity called Career. Ready

Also volunteer manager there for four years. What is it that you think that really excites you about being involved in volunteering? Um, I the first time I came across working with volunteers, volunteering was being a volunteer myself. And I was, um I was doing some shift at the family of slavery, and I was not doing much at that point

So I was with someone else, a member of staff, And I was telling her, Please give me something to do. I am bored. And because she was the volunteer manager, she gave me a few tasks like this

And then that's how it came. I. I came to discover what it's like to manage volunteers and to work with people who want to give their time for free because they believe in in what you're working on and and your course and your mission

Um, that was my first intro introduction to adults, people who want to give their time for free because they think it's the right thing to do. And I thought that was just really, really nice, and I wanted to work with that with those people. Can you say more about why you felt it was very like, very nice? Um, it's it

It's seeing someone who has similar interests who thinks that the mission you're working on, um is important and maybe they can't help financially, and so they decide to give their time. Or maybe they just want to help the community where they live and where they are involved in, Um and it's this passion that they have. Um, and they are the best advocate for the mission you're working on

Um, the volunteers we have are really they love what we do. They are very motivated, and they make the work really worth it even more than just the mission, because they see what we do, and they see that it's important and they are being part of making things better. And what do you think they're getting out of it? Um, I think they get the feeling that they are part of, as I said, part of changing things, part of improving a situation that is not necessarily fair or or um enough

Um, the mission. Whatever the mission is, they they want to be part of something that makes things better. Um, and being involved in the community, meeting other people, um, and feeling like what they do matter

Um, if you have a day to day job, that is not necessarily your biggest passion in life. Uh, sometimes volunteering can be the kind of thing that makes you know your Monday to Friday 9 to 5. A bit nicer

I love the passion that you've been talking about. You said that a couple of times. Do you know about the vision for volunteering? And is there anything that you have feelings around the themes that are coming out of that particular passion? Um, I think it's interesting to be able to connect people with missions and and and and and cause that people want to work and support

Um, and I really like the idea of being able to connect those people. Um, and and I feel like in the charity sector, from my experience, that's the struggle we have at the moment is getting people in. Um, so I'm really interested in hearing how other people work

And how can we make all together make something change, Something I don't know, move in a direction that will That will make it better for not just our charity but the charity sector. Yeah, I like that. Thank you

Thanks. Angel. Is there? Is there anything else you wanted to say while we're here? That's lovely

Thank you so much for your time. I should be.

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