This film has been produced as part of the CoSIE project with participants involved in the Dutch pilot activity. In this thematic edit, the storytellers talk about their experiences of employment/unemployment. Find out more at:

and and, Yeah, it be that a failure And I have been in the for failure, and, uh, yeah, that's Yeah, and my I have opened and the is fine. And it it it and it's, uh, yeah, in contact with me, uh, in the class. Look back now for my and the the and and And I had a um yeah, Um, yeah, it's I also feel a short, um, ok, My father, he he even do. But for the care team? Yeah, um, uh, I can get for a and then Yeah, yeah

And my hope for myself and the, um my love for yourself. How? Um that is And and, um yeah, in the and, um and, um well, look on the intake and then very good business management of events management at, um, yeah, yeah.

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