What is the Institute of Community Reporters?

The Institute of Community Reporters has been set up by People’s Voice Media to act as a UK and European wide membership body for all those interested in Community Reporter activity. The Institute’s jobs are: to provide a space for people to share community voices that may not otherwise be heard; to promote these stories to a wider audience; to promote the activity of the organisations working with Community Reporters; to bring those organisations together to provide support and shared learning.

The Institute of Community Reporters maintains quality standards of Community Reporter behaviour and content via its badging system and Editorial Guidelines.

What is Community Reporting?

Community Reporting, as we define it, is a fantastic community development tool. We have developed a methodology of working with people who would not usually have a voice and be represented. We offer a full training programme that incorporates media skills training but also personal development and support through a peer learning/peer review system. Our goal is to support people to tell their own stories in their own way, long after the training has finished.

Who can become a Community Reporter?

Anyone can become a Community Reporter! The main requirement is that you are interested in your community or have some stories to tell about your own life or the lives of people you know. People can join the Institute of Community Reporters at a Bronze badge level (without training) or at Silver, Gold or Platinum badge levels (on receipt of training from an accredited provider).

Tell me more about the badging system.

Our training works with people to give them the skills and confidence to become Community Reporters. The training is delivered by accredited providers. If there is an accredited provider in your area then you could take a Silver badge course (to learn one media area eg video or audio), a Gold badge course (covering written word, photography, audio and video) or become a Trained Trainer through our Platinum badge course.

If there are no accredited providers in your area, but you are already confident and able to produce your own community content, then you can join the Institute of Community Reporters as a Bronze level member. You will have to sign an agreement that says you understand and agree to our ethics, values and Editorial Guidelines – then we will create your account and you can begin sharing your content on this site. I would like to know more about becoming a Bronze member.

Can I post content on this site?

All Silver, Gold and Platinum members of the Institute of Community Reporters will automatically be given a membership log-in to this site. If you have not attended Community Reporter training through an accredited provider but are confident producing content, then you can approach us about becoming a Bronze member (more details in Tell me more about the badging system – above.)

I already run a community website – can I share my content here?

Yes. We can offer you a Bronze level membership once you agree to our ethics, values and Editorial Guidelines. Contact us for more details

I would like to know more about running Community Reporter activity in my local area

If you are an organisation that would like to know more about running Community Reporter activity in your local area, then there are a number of options. You can commission People’s Voice Media to deliver some training. You can check to see if there is a local accredited provider near you who can deliver a programme of activity. Or you can enquire about becoming an accredited provider yourself, through our social Licence Programme. Contact us here to find out more

I have another question that is not answered here

If we have not managed to answer your questions with these FAQs then please get in touch with any further questions. You can email us here or call us on 0161 743 3537. We look forward to helping.

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