Young People - in their own words

This month we are telling young people’s stories.

In the above film young people in Liverpool talk about how society views them. They comment on how 39% of people are unaware of the positive things young people do and talk about the things they do that might surprise you. (See some more on the positive action of young people below)

A diverse group of people from Rochdale give their thoughts on young people, both positive and negative in this audio discussion . They comment on their fears and perceptions and discuss whether young people are worse now or is it just the media’s portrayal? They also talk about what they think the future holds? 

Some young people also have other issues whether it’s living with a disability or caring for a parent

Read about Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People’s Including Young Disabled People project. The project is about empowering young disabled people, to identify as disabled people and to question society's attitude towards disabled people. It is a place where young disabled have a space to voice their opinions. Project member Fatema says 'the project has been very enlightening… When you come here, you can let your barriers down'.

In this blog a mother talks about her daughter’s life living with a rare condition and all she has achieved. 

Some young people also have the responsibility of caring for a parent: Manchester Family Action Young Carers Group have supported young people in making a film focusing on a day in the life of a young carer and the issues they face.  

Positive action

Young people all over the UK and world are actively finding ways to improve their own lives and opportunities:

In Kendal a group of young people are campaigning to get a skate park for the town, giving them somewhere to go and getting them off the streets.

In the Welsh valleys young people have set up Craz, a social enterprise dedicated to turn the lives of young people around. One of their aims is to help young people into employment and steer them away from anti-social behaviour.

Teenagers in Salford give their tips on surviving college and also speak to a young volunteer making a difference at the Beacon Centre.

How can young people get the best chance for their future?

Apprenticeships and mentoring can be a great way to give young people opportunities for their future - Jamie Dabrowiecki talks about his apprenticeship as a Digital Assistant at the Social Enterprise Mark and Cosmic a social enterprise based in Devon. He has gained confidence and feels he has started on a career now. He recommends working for a social enterprise and apprenticeship schemes:  

Are you a young community reporter? What are the issues that face you? Why not upload your story to the site. 

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