• orginal_uneditied.mp3

Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN), Rochdale Libraires and Healthwatch Rochdale partnered to deliver this one off event where young people came together to discuss local health services. 

After a few introductions and explanations of different services this recording was taken. 



0 - 4m14 - Dentisits 

4m15 - 6m42 - Doctors

6m43 - 7m44 - story of a nurse 

7m45 - 8m44 - Injections 

8m45 - 9m30 - what would you improve 

9m30 - 10m03 - Rochdale infirmary 

10m04 - 12m34 - Communications with health services and young people 

12m35 - 14m56 - First thing to do when feeling ill 

14m 57 - 18m52 - Health websites and information that is accessible 

18m53 - 24m10 - Mental Health 

24m11 - 32m36 community centres and libraires 

32m37 - 39m45 - Alchohol 

39m46 - 42m37 - Positive News 

42m37 - 47m47 - Final Thoughts 

47m48 - 52:01 - Next steps 


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