Get into something Today.
Passed-up on Manky Poets Chorlton last night. Won't always do that I 'spect.
Seconds ago I hit the Banish button on an email that'd got past the spam filter. It was a CON one; where they up front say 'This isn't a get rich quick scheme'. It's the only kind I'm interested in they should know.
Naturally to get past one there's mock honesty.
They need to go all the way:" Never mind the nonsense this is a 'get-rich-quick-scheme', Fly-By-Nite is a nickname heaven knows why. We have it on good authority that a big enough % of you are bird-brained. Insulting to the birds ... Or we'd have to graft actually for a living." Then I might read 'em; their emails.
Thanks for reading if you have.
See you soon, will write soon!

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