Kevin talking about his recovery

Okay. Don't worry about it. It's fine. You can, you know, whatever

Whatever you want to do, it's fine. So, Kev, tell me what recovery means to you. It doesn't mean a lot of the moments, You know what I mean? So, being down a bad road and put myself back up again, I do have the slips now and again

You know what I mean? But under there, people trying to help you. But there's nothing. You can do it

You know what I mean? You've got to be honest with yourself. Pick yourself back up again. And what's what's the voluntary me about your volunteering best thing? Yeah, it's back in a few years ago and to get the volunteers to get me out of the house

But was there a difference between what you expected and what the reality was? Oh, I mean, did you Was it what you expected? Yeah, I was shy. Yeah, because I was only home. You know what I mean? But no more people enjoy

So what sort of things do you do? What? You get involved in a man where up at the beginning of the coffee market, people start coming in earlier. In earlier. You got to be quick

Yeah, I'm able to do the bruise, and I won't do the cooking. So because I might burn it on. Yeah, I tried to stick their neck in the bruise, and, you know, I clean up at the end

Yeah. I mean, I was given to him before because it won't stop before the airport was wiping them all day. So it's been a positive thing for you

Yeah. Right. Okay

Yeah. So how long have you been volunteering at the bombo? A few years, right? Yeah, a lot for me. Right down the right property

Yeah. I mean, I was struggling in one place. Yeah, I managed to get myself

The bomb was done that much onboard. Brilliant. Fantastic

Thank you very much. Careful, chairs. Thank you


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