A Pissed Poem

Hungover: Despair black mornings, mournings,
and Pits where slimy beings lie.
Sometimes I see the light, an inkling, even a twinkling of real life-enhancing insight, but then chosen doubt, copping out:

and tears, yet more tears, torn soul inside, and fears
Could this the way the path?
No, not really, I say.
Girl’s Own Adventure Stories
Why run at the sight of infinite possibility?
You don’t need me to tell you why.

A very confessional, and therapeutic poem by my ex:

Teresa Seed,
so cute short and pretty in her red beret and suit, 1985?

Sun 5th May 2001 Pafos, Greek Cyprus.

The sea. The sea. Rippling like eternity.
A sun high in heaven's hold. A shore golden, rocky, gritty and smooth by turns.
A mossy sea wall, with stray cats, tails aloft, zig-zagging along their way.
The panoramic view: ships floating majestically, planes robotic-ally landing, speedboats cruising distantly. People playing in the sun, sunbathing.
A naked woman lies on her sun-bed, oblivious of her beauty, or not.
Fear and desire of this woman, knowing no love.
All this, and more arouses a seamless passion. Not of lust, but the desire to stay here now, a 1000 years in Cyprus. Knowing there's no paradise.
Yes, these endless ripples of eternity have anchored in the rock of my heart.

Yes that's what a large bottle of local beer Keo does for you!


Be a Thriver, not a mere service-User, or grim Survivor

Be a user but don’t be used by psychiatry,
or any person or system for that matter
Be a user not a loser.
Build yourself up
Build up your self-esteem.
Get well. Stay well.
Horrible anxiety, and Depression are hell.
Know that you can survive – And even enjoy life – I do.
Empower yourself.
Be strong. Be positive. Survive.
You are the best person in your own life.
If there is misery in your life, see it. Acknowledge it.
Then be better than it.
This slimy being , or man of fire that has haunted you all your life.
Survive. Thrive.
Even the biggest problems can be opportunities.
Try to remember you are worth it.
Be a survivor. Be a 9-liver. Be a thriver.

night time in greek cyprus

maroon deep blue night
heavenly freedom in-sight
I’d forgotten my hat suddenly remembered panic stricken
no ordinary hat red gold and green jesters
on a hotel sun-bed drenched in moonlight.
I gilded and glided down to Pafos beach, breathing high and deep
was the moon in me, or my mind in the moon,
and the sea and stars.
eyes-searching the seafront sweeping left and right
and there
recognised it,
then hearing a voice or sigh
2 moonstruck lovers
gently playing. laid out to the watching stars
averting my eyes i locked on the jester-hat
thinking lucky souls then some envy
then none at all
then higher still
everything total-real
all one
inner. outer. breath. wind.
rising lungs legs limbs. body in each and every thing
I felt a universal silent din.
every thing a verse
a walk a free breath, a weft of the Uni-verse!

15 August 2004:21:56 end

if you too would like to try your hand at poetry please come

Leeds Survivors Poetry 545pm to 745p Leeds Civic Hall, ask reception,  every fortnight from 2oth Febuary onwards. Its very therapeutic and joyful, and we need you! why not try it out you might love it, whether you are an experienced writer or not. its very friendly indeed. love yourself and come.



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