In this interview, the Storyteller describes about studying in the UK through College, University and then working as a nurse in the hospital. 

Hi, Daisy. Thank you for agreeing to tell my story. So the question I'm going to ask is, what's your life like? Since you, uh, arrive and are living. I settled in the UK

And so I came to UK in 2006. And so I start, like, learning English, uh, in, uh, the society and start to, uh, do the English course. Um, I dreamed to be a nurse

Um, when I came to here, because I, um I was a nurse in china. Um, So I start to looking for, uh, the English course in the college, And I come to, uh, university Open day. And I came to, uh, like, um, a field university, um uh, to see, like, how to apply for the university course for nursing degree

And so I have been, um, told how to do my g CE and then, um, access to higher education course, uh, to, uh, before start university. So I start the college in software college in 2010. Uh, I did a one year course g CS E

And and then I did my access to higher education. Uh, start university in 2011. So It's doing nursing course

And I found that the nursing course is, uh, um is not only just like you, um, to like, um, it's like I I feel it's divide. Like how you work independently and working. Also working in, uh, MDT

Like working with a team. Uh, you have a practise in the hospital, like, um, about six months about, like, two placements in hospital. And then you got, um, um, half a year, like every three for three years for learning in the university, uh, is a is a good, uh, very, uh, good cause So it's help you to, uh, working, like, develop you working in the in the, uh, after you qualified

And so I was qualified in 2015. I start, um, in working in so hospital. Uh, I work at, um, a neurosurgical ward and a staff nurse

Look after the patient, like preoperative and the postoperative. Uh, so, like, prepare for patient before surgery and look after the patient. Um, after the the surgery, Um, about about, um, since 2015

And now I still work in software hospital. I found it's a very good team, and then the people the people like the staff is very nice and very kind. Uh, I do really, like work with them, and it's a very high standard

I mean, hospital, um, a part of, uh, like, um uh, you're working in the hospital. You You make a lot of friends as well. Like, um, I had friends, like from Poland

I have friends, um, English. Like, and we meet together. Like when we are not in work

Um, that's it, my like social, uh, in here. So I had, uh, friends and then, um uh, working, Um, as and And also I moved I was living in software before because, uh um before we, uh, we we we got a house in. So now we live in sale

Uh, we moved to sale, just like, uh, it's a quite a nice area here, like, um, and they have, um, a good facility. Children like house. Uh, I mean, for the Children library, Uh, like, in local

And then, um um, they they have a very big park around. Um um, next close to my home. So when we got time, we can take Children to the, uh, to the library and to the, uh, park and the Children

I had two Children, and they are all in primary school. They found that the school is really, um, enjoyable. They like to go to school every day, and then they have more time to develop their what they like to do

Like my daughter like doing art. So she had more time to do, um, art club at her school and then after, like, because they finish finish early, like, about four o'clock at home. So they she had to spend a lot of time and to do that, um, enjoy what she like to do

Um, and she got more time to do the spot, and and, like, she got, like, we can go to Leisure Centre like it's very close. One to live out, um, around our, uh, uh, close to my home. Um, so and only like, I I I I I do, uh, we me and my husband, like Children settled

I mean, um, we like him living here. Um, some could say weather sometimes is miserable, like all of it raining in winter. Uh, but we got a lot like, um, in house

Uh, I mean, like in the we can go to library like, uh mm. Or like they can, um, find things enjoyable, Um, doing, um, in winter as well, and so somewhere like, we can go out to holidays like, uh, a lot, um, to, um the like, I mean, to go to the beach and then, like, clothes where, uh is like, uh uh where we live. Uh, To meet friends in summer is nice

We got a few a few Chinese friends living in local as well. So, uh, we meet each other. Um, all the times, um, how do you find balancing your work and looking after the Children? And it's because me and my husband, we both have, uh, full time working

He's like working on Monday, Friday. Sometimes he finish like about 876 o'clock. And so, like, we we balance like he's I I normally working like a weekend Saturday, Sunday day or Friday, Saturday night

So it's like a balance to working, um, before work, and then to look up Children at home. And so some I do like most of the time. Like do some night shift

So my husband at home, like, look up, Children And then I can, uh, go to work. And I mean, it's more flexible when you're working here so you can choose the date to which they I mean, say the flight is not working because you look up the Children at home, um is, um, so that's helped to balance your working, uh, in the hospital and the work, like, look after the Children at home. Uh-huh

Um, is there any difference from sort of your previous? I know you've worked as a nurse in the country where you came from. How different is it? Uh, so nurse in China, I mean And so you, um and here is different, because here you take more responsibilities because the doctor not in the world all the time, you have bleed them. So you take most responsibility to look after the patient

And but in China like this, all of this doctor run. So you can just, you know, you you can just ask a doctor. So, like in China, maybe like a doctor, more instruction to do tell you what to do

But in here, you more independently and then you take more responsibility. Um, so like here, the doctor was prescribed medication like APR n. So you decide which medication? The patient should have a that time And then like which patient should have a, um just like, uh, what medication? You should be taken like a pain relief

So but in china, you have to report to the doctor first to see how the patient had a pain pain, and then they they will be, like, prescribed the medication. And so you I feel you had take more responsibility here, and you work more independently. I know you work with a team, but because the doctor not around you all the time, so you have to believe them

And then, if anything concerned, you can raise the concern. And and then you, uh, have, like, uh, I think you look after maybe more patient here some, you know, than China. Maybe, uh and then and you have a, um I mean, um, more time, Uh, you know, spend time with your patient here because you look after and the patient and yeah, that's why I think it is different

All right. Thank you very much, Daisy, for telling us your story. I'm going to stop the recording now


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