what does wellbeing mean to you?

So, Bobby, what does well-being mean to you? Um, I think it's to me. It's important to look after yourself physically and mentally. Um, So and I think about well, being it's physical activity. Um, getting enough sleep eating, right

Um, you know, play a lot of sport. I feel like it not only contributes to being physically active and physically well, but also mentally, you know, it relieves a lot of stress. Um, and it's something I've embedded into my daily weekly routines for as long as I can remember

And can you tell me about a time in your life where, um, your well being has been really good? Yeah, probably not long ago. Actually, I feel the past sort of six weeks not been going out at weekends. Essentially, I've noticed, like, alcohol contributes to bad physical mental health

So just been cutting out, you know, crap, rubbish food. And, um, and alcohol. I found that's made a massive difference, you know, at work energy levels, um, and helping to stick to to good habits

And I notice now when I've consumed alcohol or bad food how that affects me, Um, physically, you know, at football. Yeah, bad performances and lack of concentration. Tiredness

So I think, Yeah. Sleep, exercise and diet and really trying to keep on top of, but yeah, past six weeks, Um, got some good habits and feel a lot better. That's great

And can you tell me, um what? Well, being at work means to you, Um, I think it's being, you know, I mean, feeling energetic and energised and, uh, enjoyment enjoying the tasks that you're that you're doing at work, Uh, having the space to To do your work and the people around you as well To support you, I think, Um, but yeah..

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