Steven talks about working from home during the COVID crisis.

He talks about the loss of connection with colleagues, time management, being in nature and with pets.

sorry, I just set that recording. I'm just gonna ask you a really open question, and then you just talk for however long you want in if it feels like it might help. And the question is, uh, what do you feel particularly supports or hinders your well being? Um, and is this Is this in the context of a general context, or is this a particularly in the museum? Just everything. Yeah

And I I think I think, um what really one of the things that I I find great help with is, um And it's what I've really struggled with, Um, since lockdown is is that that link? Uh, and, uh, with other people, the ability to bounce off other people, um, to kind of, you know, you know, get empathy backwards and forwards from other people that sort of support, um, chit chat. Just just the small things, the laughter and sharing a cuppa. Uh, just having a five minute walk with someone to talk through an idea

What do you think about this? Am I being stupid for doing this? You know, kind of a Or let me tell you a joke. Or what about this really interesting bit of history. I've just found out it's really exciting

I want to share it with someone. All of those things that would be facilitated in my normal social day to day life. Um, it's kind of gone really kind of to To to probably 95% of the time

Um, so, you know, it does still exist in things like, uh, WhatsApp, uh, which is nice. And videos like this And you and, you know, even an email can be nice. Uh, but I suppose Yeah, it's that it's that kind of, um it's losing that kind of, I suppose makes me in some ways, uh, it doesn't help my well being

And then I overthink things. And and I think I sometimes second guess myself. Um, it's hard to get across the sentiment, uh, in in emails and things when you're trying to make those links

Uh, so yeah, it does. It does make you feel more isolated. And then therefore does

Yeah. It doesn't do me good. Um, I suppose, um um, that's a hinder

I'll try and think of a positive, Uh what, what else? Obviously, winter's day, er, but it's really beautiful. outside, and it's funny, Um, really, really, really helps me is just having, uh, being able to kind of manage my own time having the authority and the tools to be able to do that and people trusting me that I actually can do that. You know, uh uh, um, uh, that really helps, because I've often got a really full work programme and some some ideas that I want to progress or kind of things that I'm doing

But I think things often get laid over the top of that. Uh, and that's when I kind of get stressed because I find I find it really hard to multitask because because I get so into a into a really interesting piece of social history or something. Um um and and I want to do that, and then I can't because I've got to do some finance or some something that's popped in my inbox

So, uh, yeah, I I think I'm just rambling now because I think I've got on to a negative again. You know, I don't think I don't think multitasking is really a thing, is it? I think it's just used to make people feel inadequate. you know you can multitask

It's not true. It's a lie. So So, Yeah, So I I suppose having the having the time and we were talking about this earlier today have just having a little bit of breathing space to be able to fully prepare for something to be able to research something

So I know what I'm talking about. Not, um, you know, I'm doing a a Facebook live, um, next week, and it's on a subject I don't really know anything about. But I somehow love doing it

And I've not got the time to to kind of really learn what I'm being recorded talking about. So it's kind of it's like, Oh, gosh, everything's always on the last Always on the rush on the treadmill. Um so So the positive is is when I can have those times to sort of order myself a little bit more and feel like I've got more of an ordered mind, because if I prepare, I'm fine

But if I don't get that prepare time, I get, um, which often that always happens. Uh, the the good, good good things for well being a, uh, nature, uh, being with animals pets, cats, dogs, rabbits, pigeons. Um, any animal

I've got loads of animals so that that really grounds me That really, really does ground me. Um, And then just being out in the bouncy landscape, the fields, the different, you know, I go on walks all over barnick. Um, And again, that kind of benefits my work and stuff because my my work's a vocation

So, you know, I'll see bits of industrial heritage, um, you know, out on a nature walk, or I'll see someone that I know from the community who will tell me about you know, what is doing or kind of what bouncy Main is doing. Um, So when I'm out and about in nature and and linking with people, I think that that that really helps my well being both both. It has a real beneficial effect on on on on my on my job, my career and, uh, yeah, what I do basically Yeah

Um, So that's a positive thing. Uh, yeah. Being being with nature and people

Um, yeah. Is that all right? That's absolutely fine. That's good

Sounds like it sounds like we've reached a a an end point, which is cool.

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