Walking through and in Longford park.

that? Yes. And this is just so that we can hear it. It's a bit noisy here. And so are you familiar with Longford Park? Yeah

Do you use it? I do go there sometimes, but not often. Right? What kind of decides when and when? Um why? And why not? You don't you go there. I was either cut through there or just have, like, a long walk, right? OK, so, um what? How often do you go for a long walk? How long? Like the duration time? Oh, no

How often do you go about? Like once every month. Oh, really? That's nice. And you go by yourself

Um and what benefits do you think you get from using the park? Um, it's like free time, Like it's something it doesn't cost anything. So you could just It's easy. Just walk through

The nature is nice. So you get quite everything. And do you use any other outdoor spaces or green spaces? Um, I use fields a lot

Right. OK, so you go there. How often do you go there daily? Oh, really? And what do you do there? I take my dog for a walk or I'll just cut through there to go to, like, from Withington to like Charlton

Brilliant. And so what do you think is the difference for you using the fields daily? But the one for Park Park is just a distance for me more because I live in. So it's a longer distance than the friend

Um And what do you think? Um is there anything that we could do at the park that would help you to use it more often? I don't think there's anything. There's no cons about it. So it's a good park

Yeah. Brilliant. Is there anything else you'd like to say? Thank you


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