Storyteller talks about life and volunteering in Tile Hill.  

Well, I'm just wanting to ask you a few questions about, um, Tyler Hill in in particular and about your role in volunteering, et cetera. So, firstly, I understand that you've lived in Ty Hill for a good number of years. Um, so you do you like where you live and everything else connected with it. Lovely

And how about your the street and the, uh, the neighbours, et cetera. Yeah. It's nice and quiet

Yeah. Yeah. And how long did you say that you lived in the area? 26 years

Wow. OK, Uh, about two months old. Yeah

He said so. Your whole family sort of been brought up in this area. Uh, my immediate

Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's great. OK. And because of the the kids, is that how you got involved in the church in the Lady of Assumption Church? Uh, yeah

I started from the school. Yeah, I became governor of the school out of the house and started volunteering, smashing. So that's like your your sort of progression into the volunteering areas

Yeah, Ok, And do you which areas do you volunteer in? Um, does he stay and play on a Monday? and I go on a Thursday. Right? So he's still involved with the kids, then? Brilliant. Yes

OK. And is there anything that you would like to, um improve in either of these areas? Do you think that they run well or is there some things that you think of? Well, you know what to do. And you? Yeah

You don't find any problems? Sort of, um, communicating how you feel or or sorting out, um, sort of rotors with the volunteering. Yeah, So I'll just do it. Yeah, the same day

You are the same people and that. Yeah, yeah, but that might be something that we can sort of help promote. And obviously the fact that you do, like, enjoy it, and it's it's fulfilling

Um, it would be a good selling point to To new keep. Yes, that would be lovely. Ok, um, is there anything that you think would be I really something you would want to see in, uh, like either your area improvements or, um, extra things that the church could try and do

Have you ever thought about those sort of things and then not where I live. Now? That's a nice area. Yeah, so? Well, I suppose round to here where the church is, you know, there's quite a bit of deprivation

Um, again, I think more could be done for the Children because I think it's the Children of the next generation. So I need to see what they see now. They're not going to want to improve on their lives

So the things that the that the church is trying to get to do, uh, are going to be really useful from that point of view, bringing sort of the new blood through into the church and the volunteering services, isn't it? Yeah. OK, then. Well, I think that's about everything

So thank you very much for answering all the questions and, uh, hope you have a nice day. Thank you very much.


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