Sharing my experience and passion for volunteering. 

So can you tell me a little bit about your role? My role? So, um, my my official title is going to engagement manager. So my role is to literally create the strategies, processes all things volunteering and work experience placements for sanitary care. So plan is to get, you know, members of the community to come in, um, and share their, you know, skill sets with the residents. Well, of course, you know when and how is a two year process Every party needs to benefit from the experience

So it's about understanding. Yeah, why? What are your motivations? But most importantly, what are your skill sets? And then when it comes to us, it's then about sort of creating a conducive environment where they can express themselves, and at the same time as, well, uh, residents benefit from the experience. Um, and you know, it's all about as well, you know, retention

You know, it's hard to obviously recruit, um, you know, volunteers, but it's even harder to keep them. So that's why we are more so particular about their skill sets. What are your skill sets? Because if you're using your skill set to to sort of benefits

You know someone else, but you're doing what you enjoy, you know? So that's how we are hoping we can actually keep them as well. So Yeah, that's that's it To what I did. So And what do you enjoy most about your role? What I enjoy most about the role is just because the fact that I created it, you know, like, you know, before me there was Oh, that sucks

You know, before me there was nothing there. So it's, you know, creating something out of nothing. Uh, I feel I'd say, you know, with achievement or with that as well, because obviously, I'm sort of the expert, so I'm sort of I guess I've got the freedom to do what I want when I want, You know what I mean

So rather not following someone else's purpose, you know, everyone else is that to following mine. So, yes, don't the autonomy that a sort of give me I enjoy. That's great

And what's your mind for doing what you do? Why, Hm, I guess, uh, making a diff, uh, you know, making a difference. Um, you know, the ultimate goal is to, you know, benefits the residents. And, you know, um because unfortunately, in our accounts, not every resident you have the right friend that comes to visit, and the the way care room is actually set up

It's like you have various rooms. So imagine being in a room next door to someone that always gets, you know, visitors. And no one comes to visit you

It's quite, you know, lonely. So I guess it's seeing those sort of connections built in later life where the residents are sort of excited about seeing new faces, you know, someone coming in to see them. Um, but also on the flip side, you know, they volunteer, um, it's they are white

And if we're able to actually achieve that, you know, for example, we have young students coming to us. They want to go to medical school, and, you know, they want to experience when they achieve that. They you know, they thank us, you know, and then also those that wants paid employment as well

They come in for a bit of experience, and then they transition to paid employment. So we are definitely making a difference. Um, so yeah, that's my wife

Great. Thank you. Thank you


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