Conversation about using Longford Park.

so thanks for your time. Um, so we have had a little bit of a chat, so this is a bit awkward, but, um, do you ever use Longford Park? No, I do work. I have worked around here before, so I've gone through it. I used to support people in the community

Um, that require reports. So we I have been to Longford Park via work. Ok, um, and is that just cutting through, or would you take people who need to? No, it was basically it was, um it was kind of people, um, it was mental health

So we set people out for walks in the park and stuff, just just to relax and yeah, activities. Oh, brilliant. And, um, did those people find it useful? Yes, it did

It was kind of like it was obviously it was local, but it was It was kind of in in their kind of timetable. So it was more of a relaxing kind of, you know, basically walk around and relax. Brilliant

Thank you. And do you ever use outdoor spaces? I do. Obviously, I'm not from around here, which we discussed, but I do do a lot of walking

I live the kind of farm farm near the farms of, So I kind of go up there a lot. Brilliant. So is that more kind of like freestyle rather than going to a place? Yeah

Yeah, It's just kind of when when I get some time off. Um, because I do. I work at another job

I also kind of go for a walk just to clear my head, which is brilliant. And do you prefer being out on the malls in the farmland to going to say a park or a both Good, Both good. It depends on on the mood on the day and the weather

You know, obviously the parts activities going on, and it's more of a community again. It depends. Whatever

Whatever wake up and whatever mood suits me at the time. Yeah. Lovely

And is there any, um, so you've said you don't live in the area, but, um, is there anything that could be happening at Longford Park that would draw you to go there personally? Yeah. They used to do a cycling thing, didn't there? Is that something that used to Yeah. Um I don't know if that's still going this was This was before the pandemic, but just general activities

There's more of the people are supported. But if there was always an activity at the park, we'd always make a point of going there. And how would you find out about those activities now that you don't kind of use it regularly again? I mean, um, we always say the Internet, but the internet is that crowded? I'd say more physical media

People like yourselves, um, walking around, You know, explain to me what's going on. Maybe, um, leaflets. That'd be kind of my thing

My take on it. So thank you. And is there anything else you'd like to say about parks or outdoors? All good

Just get out whenever you can. We've had a We've had a 14 month lot in, so Yeah, get out and enjoy yourself. Lovely

Thank you..

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