These two people visit the park most days to feed the birds and appreciate the wildlife. It means a lot to them and their wellbeing. 

and I've probably got loads of really good stories just because I'm on the spot now. That's fine. Just pretend I'm not here. Maybe chat to Caroline and and and and pretend I'm not here

Yeah, rescue birds. But, um I mean, but, um yeah, like that's what? Oh, yeah. That's a good story

We got, um there's a little bird we call it. Someone called it Norma after his grandmother. But, um, it became our friend, didn't it? Used to land on my hand

And, um, and we get food every day. I think it was a little bit, um might have been, like, a bit weaker than the rest of the other. Like it's this is that was really cool

And we got these other people to to come and feed it as well. Just became, Really She was here a few years ago, and then there was a Robin called Jono, mainly the birds. I've got, like, a thing

So you kind of come here every day and yeah, yeah, definitely. If if we're feeling stressed at all, we'll come here because just we were just saying that you got here, actually, about, uh, yeah, the animals that that, uh, you don't really get that In other parks that are as friendly as they are in this park, I find we we spend a lot of animals, just feel like they We're just, you know, they're not scared. Yeah, it's great

And, uh, you see, Yeah, there's so many different aspects. There's like these gardens. There's the fields for the dogs to run about

There's the cafe, there's the playground and that and there's even the little pond over there. You can go looking for new. He knows all the dogs names on the people on the lead, I say, Oh, and there was a that was a She was like, you called her name, the other She was a She lost the tail and she looked like she had, like, this little stump as a tail

And we were like, Oh, I know what we're going to do because she couldn't catch her. She was, too, you know, she's OK and everything, but we just kept an eye on her and a little tail like grew back and everything, and she was fine. She became like the matriarch of all the squirrels

She was amazing. She was the best squirrel she was properly. She was our little friend

She was great for enough to have a lot of time. But we know that like we, we recognise the animals and they recognise us. I can do it

Yeah, but we lock down. That was, like, life saving thing. Walking around the park

Yeah, I do yoga on the, uh, near the oak tree and you see, like the groups of other people doing yoga over there and over there, it's good that people just amazing. I've been coming here since I was four years old. Yeah, Yeah

There's a picture of Ian over there with his brother and sister all in a little road, like the famous. I'd love it if they did, if they would get, you know, like the really old trees, some of the massive ones. If they just got some signs

Just if anyone knows, just say how old they are and stuff in the trees. That would be cool. A lot of people have said that as well

And do you come all year round you every day, Christmas Day? I always come here year round. Your pictures were amazing in the snow. Oh, yeah, I got some nice photos, actually, if you're interested to photos would be amazing

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, you are obviously huge park fans of the park. If you could think of anything

Is there anything that could improve it? You mentioned those little That's one thing I would say. That's my main one. I would probably say, Um, yeah, I mean, toilets would be good, but like the cafe, they don't mind you

I like the idea. I like when they do the drama stuff. That's good

They have something I like plays on. I I've been to one. That's good, but yeah, no, I think it's pretty perfect the way it is

The stuff you tell me a little bit more about I don't know who it is that they just rock up in the park and you have to get tickets or it's just one ticket. But I don't know, it was actually kitchens coming for the food. Oh, yeah, I can also Not this bad

I can get sometimes to land on my arm. We might just be the same one I know. Is there anything else you'd like to add for? That was really wonderful

Thank you..

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