Trailed, yes. Earlier I spoke of a bit I'd meant to write. It's been playing over (and over) in my mind.
We'll see. And near the end of a re-playing I thought on the fact that shepherds get spoken of here and there, fairly often. Many many places throughout the musical universe
I don't believe tenders of goats get any kind of look-in at all. Except Richard Rogers penned a ditty.
A chap, he isn't called Hans but it's the nationality where Hans is very common. Originally the Von Trapp family singers have a book written on 'em and Hollywood picked up on it; no goating is in their repertoire (Trapp singers) I'd guess but Anschluss (annexation of Austria is background) there's not heavy politics. Sound of Music it's called; 'Trapp ...' is not box office
Mr Rogers called in to weave his magic. Good job. The goat-herd whatever he's called. At a knees-up or something, family fun, that sort, he's seen one maiden. Lisl is her name; I recall that
She lives nearish in a valley, not far like I say. Teens - stirring - in his heart. How he meets up, he's planned it. There's an uncle, or distant uncle who's giving him substantial shares in a cottage, with land. Subtly he works that into a conversation with L. Every single time they're brushing past. property. She, smart-like, too in-turn works it into idle chat with mum.
Then by the times mother's getting milk for goat's cheese from the best tended goats anywhere, 'Hans'' feet -obviously -are well under the table.
It's extremely unlikely anybody-else interrupted the natural course. (Not all shepherds have land in prospect)
They sing a song, in the musical, about this. There's more I've said than we're told in the musical. It may have got cut in rehearsal
I trust no issue of the union (kids) voted for the far right
Today I shall scope-out and plan actual poetry to do!
If you've read so far, well..
I've Gotto Go
See you

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