Someone shares their experience with receiving support local mental health services, and speaks about their guide dog being taken away from them. Part of the Oral Histories Project

What is your experience of mental health services locally? So, what do you feel about the different groups? Doctors? Any support there is for you. Is there any support? The only support I've got really is my tablets that take for it. I don't really have any other support. Really? With what would you like to see? You did have

We just wanted to talk to that stuff. I mean, there are, like, certain people, professionals who can speak to. But the problem is you only have a few appointments

You know, you don't get them, like all the time, if you know what I mean. So if you had somebody that you had all the time that you could speak to instead of making all appointments and only having a few, you know, that'd be great. But I've never like no is star knew that you get people like that

It's always appointments, and you only have in person in that time. So it's like once you were not at that time. Then you're back to square one again

How could that change for the better, then? Mm. Um, to get more people training into mental health to talk to people about how they feel and felt it instead of, like access. Just making appointments and seeing people with a few times

And you know, you need you need somebody all the time when you need, not just every now and again until you finish that appointment. Have you ever found anything that does help? Uhh. Art making things, models things, Um, seeing my family when I can, um, my friends as well co active and also Stride Theatre

It's Miller. When I'm on my own at home, it it gets a bit lonely and depressing because I don't have anybody. They want to get back home, and it's just me

So that's that's But my mental health started around about four years ago when I, um my guide dog was taken away from me from the guide dogs because I was ill and the medication they gave me sort of like lost my memory a little bit. So because with a guide dog, this certain important things you have to do. And unfortunately I forgot to do those things and they took away from her

I appealed for her, but they didn't want to know. And and since they took her away from me. I've I've always had it since I've never got over it

Something. I have anxiety as well. So yeah, since that happened four years ago, we don't have anything to do the guide dogs anymore because Mom and my dad and my family was very angry

I don't know, there's another word for it, but they were very, very angry and disgusted by what the guide dogs didn't. And that they won't give me another chance. So But technically, it wasn't my fault

It was the medication that, like all medications, have side effects. Well, the guy dogs do want to know. I'm sorry

Thank you..

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