As storyteller giving a short snapshot interview about their outlook on mental health as part of the Oral Histories Project

what's been you in experience of mental health? Uh, my own experience of mental health, Probably a roller coaster, Really. I think, as everybody finds with mental health, it's not. It's something that's always there. And mental health can be good

It can be positive, But also, when you go through tricky times, it can also not be so good. So, you know, I mean, when I was a teenager, quite a lot of anxiety. Um, just with I think hormones and pressures of things and things that now seem quite insignificant but at the time seemed a really big thing

But I My dad was very influential on helping me through that, and just being able to get a positive outlook on life and being able to put things into perspective and a big thing that I would say about mental health is concentrate on the things that you personally can't control and the things that you can't control. Don't worry too much about it, because in the end it tends to work out okay,.

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