A storyteller talking about their early childhood experiences with poor mental health and how it progressed in later life as part of the Oral Histories Project

Hi. When did you first notice you had problems? I first started noticing I had problems with mental health When I was really quite young when I was about 10 or 11. I was certainly suicidal by the age of 12. Um, but I didn't start telling anybody about my problems until my late thirties, when they really felt for me as a buried things for a very, very long time

Um, there was a lot of stigma about mental health issues, and I was sort of working professional job. I didn't like normal life, but everything just subsidies, integrated relationship break up and stuff that professional help at that point. But when I told people I work and things are still working that was suffering from depression and nobody believed me because you get so good at career

So I really started coming into services in my thirties and now in my mistress case. Okay,.

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