• The Storyteller explains briefly how it has been coming to the UK

The Storyteller speaks briefly about their experience of when they first came to the UK.

Yeah. I will be interviewing Mr Kelly this afternoon. Mr. Kelly, can you tell me a bit of your bit of your experience of your you're staying in the UK? Thank you so much for the for the question Before coming to UK, I did some research about asylum seeker

Uh, no, I was still having when I came. I was still having done apprehension about, you know, if everything I read on the internet, if everything comes comic place. So I was I was afraid, you know, somebody coming with the family, you know? So I was afraid about that year, was here about a commendation, you know, getting the Children to school, Um, everything in general

So that after we granted sexual 95 you know, everything just came to please just us, actually, right on the Internet, you know, accommodation was provided. You know, the Children was a role in the in the school. And, uh, in the weekly business, you know, we receive, uh, some support from the government and also from a charity, uh, rooms

We also got some supporters by for map. So the spin have been have been great and tremendous and their I'm so happy I'm here in UK My family they're all so happy. So we thank God for everything we just hope which we continue to go

Where? As plan. Thank you so much.


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