A deaf person speaks of their personal experience with seeking support with their mental health and how services weren't available until they'd reached 18. Recorded as part of the Oral Histories Project.

this lady would like to speak about her own personal mental health journey. I suffer from a mental health, uh, from 8. 10 to 11 year old and I didn't feel that I have any support until, uh, we 18 going into the hospital, and they are aid off with mental health health. But I didn't get any support

Oh, and it helped you to, uh, throw me being deaf. And it would be nice if if they didn't have any, uh, community with people with deaf people have mental health problems as well. I feel that I didn't have any help of anything or support, and there were no sign sign language available

I was struggling to hear what they were saying, and I actually felt a bit intimidated, said.

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