• A Story Teller

The Storyteller speaks about positive aspects of living in the UK.

do you satisfy of treatment process and government services, actually, about government services like, um, about myself about my mental, Like, uh, about healthy services. Or we feel really good. Especially about myself. I got some bad things, but they supported me

And we have, uh, health city certificates. Everything is free to us, but about the other progresses for services. Uh, we were getting up

Bad stress. It makes us like crazy everything. It takes a long time, but finally we feel good

What is your situation in this country? Actually, uh, I have a bad situation as I mentioned you before. Uh, I hate being the law. It's most important thing

Make me like depression and anxiety. That's about it. What do you achieve in this country? The only things I achieved her, uh, to be a volunteer with the charity organisation

The first thing when I arrived here, I had nothing. But I can say rich people or charge organisation. They really supported me and asylum seekers at all

And they motivated me to be a volunteer like them. Uh, the reason is where this When I had nothing, they supported me. It's they made me really happy

And I think I need to be a volunteer like them, uh, to helping others. When? When? When I can make someone happy, It makes me happy as well. Why do you choose UK? I think in UK you can get everything

You are free to do anything to have anything. How you think, how you believe that's the most important thing and feel safe as well.


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