A storyteller talks about their journey with mental health support services as part of the oral histories project

have the mental health services being a benefit or a detriment in your experience. I believe that there's been a make sure of benefits and detriments within a mental health. Professional services help me through my experience. Um, I do feel that does have more experience in the settings that they were working in and probably lived experience as well

We're able to people pronounces on different elements of who I am in order to come to the best diagnosis and therefore able to add me with the best support going forward. However, those maybe that were less experienced or kind of, you know, I just asked me the generic questions, were less able to find who I am and come to a lot of the great diagnosis and when, when the diagnosis wasn't correct, I didn't feel very lost and very misunderstood. However, when all of them came together and the right things will be able to put in place in order to support me, and that support is still ongoing

So yeah,.

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