In this video the storyteller is describing the 5 most important things that have learned from their experience so far living in the north of England.

Hello, Danielle. I'm Christiana, and I would like to ask you five things you have learned in the U. K. Thank you, Christina

I think being here in the UK has humans opportunities of learning. And among them, uh, there are five that I would like to speak about one. Is your people being very supportive? So it's like, you know, lending a hand and being there, Uh, leaving no one alone, which is actually Liverpool's, uh, culture

Uh, you'll never be alone. Second is, um, you know, you work with organisations many people don't really tell you, but it's really helpful if you get connected, you stay on top of, uh, you know, the latest updates paintings. You meet new people

So that is something I write to, you know, speak about. Third is, uh that is about, you know, um, knowing your rights and entitlements. So it's like, you know, when you come to, you can really be alone and isolated over

You don't have to really feel like that once you know your rights and indictments and you live within your boundaries and borders. Uh, fourth is about, you know, you get to taste different cultures. The food cuisines

So you hear about, like, other cultures sharing their food. And it's a good opportunity to taste and, you know, understand how we all want, but with different names of the same dish. Fifth is just meeting overcome

T you hear the word? The British guys, You're talking about a cup of tea, so I think that's really important. If you share a cup of tea or with someone that you know, you're just beginning to get to know so yeah, Thank you.


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