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This lady reflects on her journey over the past 7 years in the UK and how she has overcome adversity by leaning on her faith and relationship with God.

Oh, hello. And what is your experience since moving to the UK? And, um, if you want to share a little bit about your experience before moving here, um, my experience in, uh, moving to the UK has been really great. It has had some negatives and some positive, uh, outcomes of which the negatives did out outweigh the positive outcomes. Well, I'm excited to be here because I feel safe here

Anyway, um, I feel like I. I did have my, my my, uh, problems with other people. But we have resolved those problems and I I can move on now, and I feel confident about myself, and I feel like I can live again because before I was so negative about my life because of the things that were happening to me in Africa and and that was when God told me to come to the UK

To run away to the UK. And then I came back to the UK. So I've been in the UK for for six months

I'll be seven months, seven years in, in Sorry. Seven years in in in May. And, um Mm

I. I also have, um other problems that I I had and in Africa. So that's why I ran away from Africa to be safe here in the UK

And I feel like, uh uh I, uh my experience at first it didn't feel like I was safe here because, um, I had an experience where I believe in. I believe in God and I believe that God speaks to me And he told me that I was gonna be OK and I And when III I had an experience with some angels and I shared with some people and they thought I was crazy and I I was serious about it because I I know I can speak to God and he speaks to me and I believe I'm a Christian. I'm a child of God

He hears me when I pray He hears me when I cry. So he's heard my cry And that's why I'm here now. Sharing my story I, I love the UK and I'm happy to be here

Oh, thank you so much for sharing your story..

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