• The Storyteller shares their experience of living in the UK

The Storyteller shares their story of living in the UK and how they are settling in.

Hello, Mr Kelly. Are you okay? Yes, Thank you. I'm good. Yeah

Thank you. Uh, today I have a few questions to that. I will be asking you, Uh, and the first question is, what are your experiences living in the UK? Yeah

Thank you for that question. Um, living here have been great. Uh, because when I came for the first time, I was having that here of, uh, you know, because people back home so that gradually we're certainly now, uh, accommodation was provided you support you are getting from rolling weekly babies

I've been very helpful. So everything I've been going, Well, I'm going on with the CF. Uh, compared to where are you from? Yeah, Thank you so much for the response

I want to know how, uh, you settling your Children settling, Uh, you are. You'll be accepted. Are you settling here in the UK? Uh, the support you are being given

Like I said, how does that help your other? They help you and your family to move on to get to settle Very well, you know. And the support have been okay. Because if you can, uh, support kind to provide our designates and, you know, we're you know, we're sitting down and things have been going with

My two girls are immediately We came as his after two weeks or there about a school, you know, there are beginning to school, and, uh, everything's been going well, so it's okay. It's okay being here. Yes

Thank you so much, Mr. Kelly. Uh, last question I have for you is, uh, you know, coming here to the UK

You meet different people, you meet different people, different languages, different, uh, status, different beliefs, different culture. Do you relate with them? Those new environments, are you religion? You've been accepted? Uh, you'd be welcome. Do you feel welcome? Are you Are you relate with them? Yes

The people are being happy. Very nice and accommodating. Um, uh, you know, when you get to a new place with, you know, you are living around people that came from different countries and because they have their own traditional culture

So we have to adapt. Uh, you have to be a gradual process. It's not something you just, you know, so they'll be very friendly and a mix of friends, you know, they are going to, uh lamp charity

You know, in a weekly basis I used to meet, uh I've been meeting so many people for different countries. So they're relating where? The mess of friends. So everything I've been going Well, so it's OK being here

All right. Thank you so much. Thank you so much, Mr Kelly

Uh, thank you. I think that will be hope for now. Thank you so much for your response

Thank you..

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