A storyteller shar4es their personal experience with seeking support and treatment from mental health services as part of the Oral Histories Project

what's been your experience of mental health services? Well, that really helped me that great deal over the last three years, and we actually been on this problem. But I've been having every time I've gone to the to get help, I've always been forward on to somebody. And then when I've been forward onto that person, they aren't correct. They don't know the actual spectrum, so I'm kind of stuck and lumbered

What would What would help if they're actually in? Certain departments have to be more open. A man gets some urgency base. So knows all the top what they're talking about instead of, actually keep passing you on and on and on and on

It's just like a vicious circle every single time. Yeah, trying to do anything. So I just don't know what else I can do for me

My problem with me, Uh, what help I can get because every time I've gone down there help. Uh, there's only one time I got help. And that's before when I met Jessica

Uh, in 2017, they were back End of when I got me a learning disability thing. Uh, since I got cleared of that got a tonne of all that spectrum. The There's a lot of the places I got a list for

A lot of them have been closed down. Uh, some of them have moved, and you can't always get the correct person.

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