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Storyteller shares many challenges faced being pregnant during the Lockdown.

Hello. And what has been your experience living in the UK? Uh, actually, it's good conditions where we are. We are living here now. When we came there three years ago, it was for emotional

It was really bad. We feel so depressive in that time. And I was pregnant also when I came in the UK and my pregnant term was hard

And then I am giving birth. It was very difficult in that time because of the Covid. They were not taking the husband with me

And also I have the other child he has to look for. Then, actually, I was going to die in that time. But then we are remembered

We can't try to keep us our tears to not come out. Really? It was really bad situation in that time. Uh, after getting our resident card

Actually, we feel that now. Yes. Now we are living in England because we make everything settle down

We cha we pass the house, then we get a car. We can go everywhere wherever we want. Then even shopping makes with you a mean because it gets the easy to take everything to bring it your home

Maybe it's maybe small things. But in that time, in that situation, for feelings for emotions, everything is totally different. And when you are going to come, everything is

When start to settle down, you feel much better. I like living in UK, actually, in England here, of course, there are some difficulties living, uh, far away from our family. Yeah, 14 years I am far away from my family, but in that time, at least the whole day I was going to be seeing my family

But when we came here because of the applying for the, uh, immigration that things keep us the what fan to not to go to Turkey for that reason, missing our family. When they are sick, you feel so bad. And I have a child, two child and none

None of my family see them just via WhatsApp for seeing there and sometimes being alone here. It's really difficult sometimes at home, for example, with the kids you feel get crazy. But you have to be good

You have to actually, because of you have two small Children and you have some responsibilities you have to do. You don't have any chance to get crazy. Actually, you have to be wrong every time

But now Now, after three years being in UK, we feel good. Really, And our opportunities is good. Really? For that reason in my religion, uh, for us, important for pray

And really I am praying this government, this rules, actually, this, uh, rights What? They gave it to us. Really? I am really thankful for that. Maybe, uh, when you are going to look at for political sites, they are just maybe say, this is just the number

They just say the rules that that that But for us, all that rules is so meaningful too. Because there are all the things is affecting our life affecting our psychology, isn't it? That's really, um good. Now we we are happy now

Our Children is going to school. They have normal life because they don't know they are young. But we are struggled

I wish. And I hope they are not going to do all that struggle. Stuffs, uh, what else I can say? And how long did it take you to get your resident and actually, uh, two years and more? Seven months? That's yeah, because I was pregnant

Three months. And my baby now two and seven months Almost. Yeah, Yes, it get lo two times long

Really? Really. In that time, maybe for being a lady. OK, I was a teacher before I was working, but when we came here, OK, I'm not working, but I have some responsibility for my child and I was OK

But for the boys, for my husband, it was really struggle time because he's not get used to being at home. He loves working. He wants, He feels when he works he feels as if he is doing something and his psychology and his body is feeling good

But staying at home, home, home, even at home, he didn't stay. Just he tried to do something, try to get some courses. When she when he get the residence, he can start directing the work

He did actually what he has to do. But the time in that time, staying at home, just working whatever he is not he's going to do. But it wasn't enough also in that time, because until get your residence Uh, you can't do anything

Yeah, with the machine? Yeah. After the residency was gotten, was he able to private work. Yeah, actually, yes

He's now he's working in somewhere is good. And also we want We wanted that because we we don't want to belong to totally government. We want to be, uh, work

We want to work and we get our money to live our life. We are not going to belong to someone to just help us. We are not this kind of people, actually

For that reason, he wants to work hard and get earn his own money and not going to take from the government. Because we say that two years or three years government look for us. That's OK

And that's enough. We have to stand on our foot and we have to do what we are going to earn. Yeah, it brings you that independence

Yes, Yes, yes, yes. Thank you so much for sharing that thank you very much. And it's quite similar to how to stop this recording

Quite similar to a lot of other things that have been highlighted through the project. What people have said in regards to.

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