• A Story Teller

The Storyteller describes what he has found challenging about living in the UK.

What's the most difficult part of life in UK? The only things in U. K that's really hard to me is, uh, I'm a social person, but in U. K, I feel alone that I think it's killing me. So it's really hard to me

How do you ever try to find a friend? Actually, I had some good friends, Like a soul mate. I lose them. And now, when they transferred me to a red car, I can't find a good one like before

Uh, what do you think about, uh, graduating in the UK? Um, I feel to it, but I'm still trying to learn. I started college on February last year. Comes to studying

So you're still studying to improve your English. And what happens after that, then your English is good enough. Do you have any plan to go to the university or any courses? Uh, yes

I'm still struggling or trying to improve my English language. Uh, when are we get G. C s? A

I will try to move on university, but I'm not sure which department I do. Do you have any plan for any job or do you have any skill to doing, uh, some kind of job or creating jobs in UK. I would like to be a Berber Per it's really, like, impossible to me because I'm faking person

I cannot do it. But above skills I, um, housing painter and I have experienced for almost 10 years ago I would like to be a housing painter has.


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