• Storyteller 3 Middlesbrough

Storyteller 3 Middlesbrough

Hello. Um, what has been your experience living here in the UK? Um a a Afghanistan. But the who do and da da doo da Ronda See, but a zoo or rafted and san mar Turkey that to camera hail mus output Hi, Sieber. Bartie G da se SM de de do WHJH you know, Uh, Y ma you know more about a BMK derrius be a ks some, you know, they get to pine rose more than them su panels on ho as the and, uh, Kamio known as the Mora Saloni K in, you know, a US Weiss albon kete MBDKTM de a tax Mora VK da M de ma Gru Martino Martino Martino Mars de Mar Mars and Mara Camp KB Mars More to come

Marie Boss Whos a bar boss Pure raff Dem Tre Mann Raff Dem Sub Sha Raff Dem de Man I the Hoe bos He has buy some other team ticket Bosnia. Um uh, the hockey car was the whole shooting. I thought it

I thought kit as Mar Uh, Sal the, uh uh Mars bar VEJR the bar. So hoe F se bote mo mo more than de gets. Uh uh um um Hey, you made another Sim

Better send me another Sim. Thank you. Thank you very much

If I have to show your story. Yeah.


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