• Storyteller 2 Middlesbrough

This storyteller and his wife are French speaking so have found it difficult to communicate with others as they haven't come across many French speaking people where they live in the UK.

hello. And what has been your experience living in the UK since you moved here? Uh, hello. Uh, yes, Uh, I have heard more than one year before I stay IN the IN Glasgow, Uh, for five months and we moved, uh, from the hotel in Newcastle. Uh, I stay, uh, 10 months and we changed here and we moved in Middlesbrough

I have one month. So then there is her middle school, but, uh, everything is OK. Um was it Have you found it different from Glasgow or from Newcastle being here in Middlesbrough, Or was it similar? Mm, Friendly

Yeah, it's different. Yeah, very different. Yeah, because I Nicolas much people from my country and the Newcastle

Um, now people from Algeria. IN no nothing? No. Have you found that quite difficult? Yeah

Difficult? Yeah. Making friends, making friends. Yeah, but but, uh, we speak, uh What? We speak French

We speak ma. Nobody speak French and just English. That's difficult

Um, how have you managed to get by not knowing the language. That Well, um how have you managed to get by here? Live in here? Um, not with not many people speaking French. Has it been challenging bar language

Um, yeah. Not knowing English too. Well before is spread

But now, Yes, because we had before English class in Newcastle. Gateshead Here. There is English class here

One time. Me, I go to college. Yes

What you studying? Uh, I am in level one. Subject listening and speaking far. Brilliant

Yes. Good. And how did you find out about map? Yeah, it's very good

Yeah. When Help. Yeah, it's nice

It's good. Yeah. How did you find out? How did you find out it was here? How did you discover Ma? How we we discover it? Uh, house manager? Yes

She took us. Uh, ba yes. And the rest of some places? Yes

Lovely. And has it improved things at all being here? Has it, um, made things better? Yes. Yeah

Ok, uh, before everything. Yeah. Is good

Yeah. Thank you. Lovely

So are you going to English tomorrow? Here? Maybe my husband. I don't know me. I go to the school

College? Yes. I have to retire three times a week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

And have you managed to make friends at the college? Yes. Is the the first time? Yes. I started last June Tu Tuesday

Well, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me. And, um, are you happy for it to go onto the website? Um, What you've shared? Yeah. No Bank of Ireland


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