• The Storyteller shares their experience of living in the UK

The storyteller talks about coming to the UK in the peak of the lockdown and the challenges and positive experiences she faced.

uh, Mrs Vivian, how are you today? I'm fine, thank you. I would like to ask you a few questions about since you came to UK. How has been your experience in UK? Yeah. Thank you so much

Uh, my first so far, Uh, initially for when we when we me and my family when we came to the u. K. It was good

It was a good experience for, uh, thank goes on. Of course we came out. We came to Middlesbrough at the peak of the lockdown

So it was It was a very bad experience because my Children are to stay at home for six months and not going to school. We couldn't go anywhere. We didn't go anywhere, but, uh, it was okay, because we we fed, uh, the people that are our house manager

She was She was nice. Uh, the council was there for us, and we met with some few charity people who was there, so they made us feel okay if you go in that situation with the situation where when we came so but we kind of feel, uh, feel supported, which made us. Uh Okay, So it was It was not so bad

Not so bad at all. Okay, Thank you. Uh, that I want to know

Mrs. India, is there anything that in terms of your you know, your home? You know, with your migration, uh, touch with anything to complain about anything that you don't feel that you want. You want to be, you know that? You want, uh, to go where with you

But things are not going where As you suppose with immigration. Yeah. Thank you so much

Uh, for for that I think, uh, party, uh, it was before you can with our cards. Clarence, take that. Our can't walk

That is the status for after here. I think my my husband was given a right to work, but with limited, uh, limited, uh, chance to work because, uh, it couldn't do what most most companies they won't take the take the status. The, uh, working permit

They won't accept it. So if it can be done in a way whereby, uh, the work permit will be limited to a particular, uh, particular, uh, session or a particular organisation or a particular settled So we can so that anyone who gets they permit can be able to work in every in every organisation, or it can be accepted by every organisation. Because where you want to work with us, where that permit, it's not accepted

In most places, When you look at the permit and you see that is limited, it's not accepted. So if it can be done in a way, wherever, wherever you take it to wherever you presented it can be accepted. That would be nice, but definitely, uh, it has been going Well, I would say that they're going smoothly

So by the grace of God, I pray it gets to the end where we wanted to get to. Yeah, thank you so much. Okay

And I don't think I want to know. Since you came to U. K you know, you came from a different country

So and then the other countries, uh, citizens that are here in UK, around the environment. So how has it been, you know, making friends with them, you know, dealing with them and know that. Yeah

Thank you so much. Uh, it has It has been okay. That's very it was a very good Yeah, uh, meeting new people, making new friends, you know, uh, and, uh, getting support from those before you meet as well

Like the school of my Children. When? When they were, uh, Well, when when the lockdown was on the school. Actually, they supported us, giving them materials for them to be able to learn at home

So meeting new people has been very good. You know, you got it will be so bored when you're alone and you're not accepted. But it has been very good

Has been very good experience meeting new people with new belief. Yeah, with new caution. Trying to know them trying to, uh, communicate with them, trying to make them to understand you

And you understand them better. I think it has been a good experience. Thank you so much

I think that for all for me today. Thank you. Thank you


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