Storyteller shares experience of first making friends in the UK.

Hi. Hi. How are you? I'm good. Okay

How is your spending with making new friends in the U. K. Okay, Uh, since I arrived, I tried to make friends, but was a little bit hard to make friends because I don't know about the culture

I wouldn't. I speak English, but not very much like not very well. When I tried to speak with people English, my English was poor

But now I start to learn more about English, about culture that made for me easy to make friends in UK. But also, it's not easy to make friends UK because you need to understand. Everything is about UK, the language about the culture, and you need to learn about these things

Uh, and also you need to I need to integrate with the society. Also was hard for me to integrate the society about to know about places about where I can go to make friends. Uh, sometimes I say, Okay

Where I can go to make friends and tell you the local people. Uh, sometimes I didn't find where they go. Then I started to go to an event and meet up and then start to make friends with the local people and improve my English

And they know about the culture about society. And that's helped me a lot to make friends. The UK

So when I started to go like to meet up or to advance with the local people from UK, I start to be more confidence, uh, more to speak English very well to know about it come so more. And that's why it's very okay. Thank you

Thank you so much..

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