• Stotyteller 1 Middlesbrough

Storyteller briefly talks about their living situation in the UK.

Hello. What has your experience been like living in the UK? Uh, I have, uh, more than one year. Yes. Since September 2022

Yeah. Um, and what has your experience been like, What did you what Has, um what's it been like meeting new, making new friends, uh, maybe finding work. And where did you move from to To the UK

When we arrived. And where did you move? You know, from to come to the UK. My country is Algeria

Yes. And, uh, when we arrived to UK, we were in Glasgow, Uh, for five months, and we moved to the hotel. Now we are here in Middlesbrough

And what has it been like living here in Middlesbrough? We have, uh, one month. Has it been a good experience so far? Or, um, what has have you faced or anything? Um, have you tried to find work here? No. We haven't access to work

Yes, yes. Um, have you had any experience with the health care? Yes. Yes, yes

You are registered in GP. And has that been a positive experience? Sometimes sometimes, you know. OK

Yes. Well, thank you for that. Thank you


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