Becky is the community reporter and has recorded Shermiah speaking about her experiences during lockdown - BeckyC | Institute Community Reporter

OK. Hi. Thank you, Miah. Thank you so much for taking part, Um, and giving us consent to video

You, um we're going to ask. Oh, well, I am going to ask you how life is adapted for you in the in the, uh, covid. Well, it's been tough, obviously, because we weren't expecting it, so we're doing it to prepare for it

Um, so last March, when it happened, I didn't really like, I guess I wasn't really. I mean, I believed it was there, but I wasn't taking it that seriously until we were in lockdown. And then when we hit lockdown, I started to feel all sorts of kind of fear and worry, which I didn't feel prior to that, um, So I was struggling a bit with that, um, adapting to working from home, staying at home coronavirus

What is it adapting to all that was hard. Um, but it was fine at first because I do live in my family. Still

So it was. I'm glad I had them because they helped me to have, like, a schedule and a routine. So after two weeks of waking up early, working out with the family and having nice time together After two weeks, I started to go to bed really late and wake up in like the afternoon because I just thought there's like, no point in like, um, waking up early for no reason

So I thought, OK, I'll enjoy my night now. Um, so, yeah, it's It's been tough. It's had its ups and downs

It's been harder when I think being around the same four walls all the time and around the same people all the time is can be chaotic after a while and not having anywhere to go just to get some breathing space was hard. Um, so yeah, it It has been challenging, I guess. Very challenging

Yeah. And especially as you're so young as well, you're only 21. And can you imagine, like, not having to go out with friends and stuff like that

That's a real real hard Yeah. Yeah. And even like, even though you're able to go out for walks and stuff, you get so complacent being at home that it's actually an effort to get dressed and go out because he just I don't know

I guess you just become lazy. Really? Well, that's true. And have you learned anything new about yourself, or or anything new that you've wanted to try out since you've been in lockdown, which you probably thought you wouldn't have done? So I started to because of the age that I mark 21 I started to, like, really think about, like my future and stuff

So I was just thinking, like, Am I happy wearing? Is this where I want to be in the long term? Like, what's my five year goals? And during that time, because I'm a Christian as well. I devoted a lot of my time spending it with God, Um, so that really helped. And it helps to keep me sane as well

And yeah, so I just I made different decisions, and I've taken a different path to what I was already on. So I've started a college. Um, um made a bit of rearrangement at work and stuff, so it's been good because it's grounded me to really think and consider like it it give me a moment just to stop and pause to show me where my life is heading on the path that I was at and do I want to go that way

So yeah, it's definitely helped to develop me, like in the long run. That's great. And I think it's good to hear that that there are positives

Even though there's negatives with this, there's also been some positives as well. So I just want to say thank you so much and, uh, yeah, take care bye.

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