Talking about his work

Hi, I'm Trish. What's your name? My name is Steve. What do you do around? Hi, Steve. Um, I attend, uh, the the main one is attending church

I'm a member of the congregation. I do various work there. What sort of work do you do? I do the cafe on a Saturday

I do the musical memories cafe with the vicar's wife, uh, which is working with dementia, carers and and sufferers. Um, I also do, uh, nourish pro Project, which is, um, a meal for the community every Tuesday, which has been going on for six months now, I'd say every Tuesday it's a free meal. Two course meal for the community

Anyone can come. That's really good there. Um, what do you think about Tyler? Was a community as a community

Uh, I think there is a bit a community in there a bit, but, um I don't know. I've only been four years. Five years? Uh, there there is

There is There is a bit of a community, but I think it is fractured. And I think it's, um I think it could be stronger without Yeah, OK, um, do you have any ideas what's needed I find Kyle Hill? Um, a bit drab. It needs brightening up

It's, you know that we've got the library, you know, you've got We've got various little bits, but there's nothing. There's nothing outstanding here. And, uh uh, I'm not sure the kids have got much to do because they hang, you know, they hang around in groups like kids do

Um, I, I think. I think, uh, yeah, I think, uh um, helping the youth that, uh, that would be a good way to to go around. All right

Well, thank you very much for your time. No worries.


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