I don’t know what caused the rain to stop, all I know is that is just is not raining any more. I thought back to when the weather was bright and beautiful. They days when I was awoken by the songs that the birds used to sing. I woke up with peace in my heart and welcomed each brand new day. Then the weather changed, without a warning. I did not even have time to change my clothes and so I got wet.
The misery hung in the air like dark angry mourning clouds, unable to break and let through something that resembled the sun. A mood of discontent settled, clothing everything in darkness. Those unfamiliar felt it but could not open their mouths to speak, because they knew their voices would be silenced by thunder, and sliced by lightening so they held their corner.
One day, a ray of sunshine appeared as if by magic, courageous and proud. It stared through the whole the thunder had left, bringing all its parts with it then when it was unaware it burst through gathering strength in its momentum. The strength of the sun, overcame the dark clouds surrounding it and sucking the life out of it, making it void. So there is no longer any rain, but all sunshine, strong and hot.
I don’t know what caused me to look up but whatever it was I thank the creative law of attraction for the privilege because the eyes that I stared into were the most deep brown with flecks of honey that I ever seen and they held me mesmerised. A combination of embarrassment at being caught staring and the propriety of it forgotten, as I became lost in his eyes.
He was what dreams were made of, I thought of Dairy Milk when I took in the man before me. Full lips with a natural pout, a fine moustache, that drew attention to his mouth. Teeth even and finely selected by the creator himself. A sprinkle of fine curls graced his beautiful head. I suddenly became aware that I had been staring and had the decently to blush, feeling heat from the sole of my feet to my cheeks. I suddenly became aware that I should say something but words escaped me.
Considering the fool I had just made of myself by eyeing up this poor man, I was speechless, unable to make a cognisant thought, never mind conversation. He, however was very composed when he asked me, “Do I have something on my face?”
“Uh, no.” Retrieving my right mind, in order to avoid looking even more stupid. I quickly spotted his earphones were bose branded and enquired about them. “I was looking at your earphones, I was wondering where you got them.”
“You know what,” he replied, “I really have to be somewhere right now but I would love to meet you back here sometime.” With that he dropped a card on the table.
It was after i had watched his fine behind in blue jeans walk away with a refined swagger that I focussed on the card. Aeon Hamilton, Entrepreneur, Africa house. Humph, I snorted just my luck!

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