Sam's volunteering experience at Age UK Notts

right. OK, Ok, Sam. So it's lovely to see you today, so thank you for agreeing to do this. So do you want to tell me about your volunteering with Ed UK Knots? Volunteer knots has been amazing to me because it helped me to gain confidence

Because when I volunteer educate, I was 2017. I was, uh, when I first came here. So it helped me to be able to socialise with the people and be able to do some work

And you know how things done in the UK Fantastic. And what's been the best bit about you volunteering? Uh, the best bit for me is just working with the nice colleagues. Everyone was so kind to me

They always make me smile and happy. That's the best. And knowing I'm helping someone out there lovely

And have you experienced any challenges then, while you've been volunteering or things that you've not enjoyed as much? Um, no, I could lie. I never experienced something that I was not enjoying at the moment. Brilliant

Brilliant. That's really good. Um, So what do you do when you're volunteering? At the moment? Um, I do attendance forms

I upload them on our charity log. And then I write the notes and then I post it to DWP. Right? That's brilliant

So it's more. It's an administration role. Yes, it is

Yeah. Fantastic. Anything else you want to say about your volunteering? I met new friends and new people

So, yeah, I'm enjoying meeting new people. That's brilliant. And I always look forward

That's where I can wear my formal clothes. That's really nice to hear. That's lovely

Thank you so much, Sam, for sharing your story. That's brilliant. No problem

Thank you. What?.

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