A black couple went in Jameson Hotel, in Harare, for a nice meal. The husband as always wanted to impress his wife and ordered the meal of the day. The couple chatted amicably as they waited for their meal and sipped their wine. After 20 minutes of waiting the food was brought to their table and started eating. In the middle of eating they saw a white couple entering the hotel and ordered their meal and they came and sat next to their table. In few minutes the white couple meal was delivered and it looked more delicious and attractive than the black couple’s food.
They black couple started to eat slowly and throwing side-glances over their neighbours. The white couple finished their food in time and the husband called out for the waiter: “Same order, waiter,” the white man called out. “OK, boss, the waiter said and rushed to the kitchen. Immediately the waiter brought the food on their table and the black couple noticed that the white couple were on delicious and attractive meal again.
 The black couple was yearning for this kind of meal and as the saliva drenched on their lips. In the end the husband from the black couple called out: “Same Order,waiter”. “Ok, boss” the waiter answered back and dashed into the kitchen. After few minutes the waiter brought the food to the table of the black couple. On glance the husband and wife bounced back with shock. The husband was up before time and pointing to the waiter with a shivering finger. “I said Same Order, and you brought the same food, we have eaten, sadza and chicken intestines. How could you treat us like that? I brought here my wife here to eat the best. Do you understand young man? The husband was now manhandling the waiter on his throat. These white chaps, he spat out saliva and roared with anger, they called out “Same Order” and you brought them delicious, attractive, meal and not us. This is our country, and we should not be treated less like this, these are foreigners whom you give a lot of respect. Now I am going back with my wife really sad because you could not give us “Same Order.” The waiter had soaked it all and understood that these black chaps misunderstood the meaning of same order. He calmly asked the man to release him and that he could explain in the mother language the meaning of “Same Order.”  “I will only release you if you promise to give us “Same Order”. “Ok, I will do it,” said the waiter.
 When released the waiter explained calmly in Shona the meaning of “Same Order” and the black couple understood it finally and they had the last laugh in the hotel. Their laughter echoed in the whole building and it was infectious to the extend that all diners ended up laughing with them without knowing the root of this laughter. The husband and wife hugged each other and hugged the waiter and laughed a laugh of lifetime. The waiter finally went to the kitchen and told him to make a similar dish as of white man and he would pay the bill for his friends. A durable friendship of lifetime was created upon that day. Thanks to “Same Order”

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