Salford Dadz in their own words

Salford Dadz asked young actors from Harrop Fold School to act their words and those of local mothers to show what is really like being a father in this community.

This is action research led by local fathers and funded by the national health service in Salford. The aim is to improve the wellbeing of local children in Little Hulton, Salford by improving the wellbeing of their fathers. It is supported by a Salford social enterprise (not for profit) called Unlimited Potential.

We bring fathers together and they talk about what's troubling them because they are in the same boat. Fathers learn from each other.We also help children and fathers come together to do fun things. In this way, by spending time on their own together, the dads and child bond.

We have found that as the dads increase in confidence this rubs off on the children.

Dads often don't talk about what's troubling them due to pride and mistrust in 'authority' - but when its just guys together they find that they are not alone

To get in touch contact (a nurse and the project manager for Salford Dadz)

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