Duncan tells Mash about he and his family come to the park daily to walk dogs, and play. Erin likes the play areas but misses the swings in the older kids play area. Duncan says investing in the hall site would improve the park as its run down and not well looked after.

Well, hello, Duncan and Erin. Good to meet you today. Um, yeah. I understand that your regular visitors to Longford Park really? Right

Right. That's the main thing. Right? So very close

Lovely. Lovely. And do you come, Erin as well? Yeah

What? What do you like best about Longford Park in particular? No. Do you like just having a having a drink here? Oh, do you like, Do you enjoy any of the Children's playgrounds or not? Right. Right

And there's pets corner as well. Do you ever do you ever go and look at the look at the look at the animals, right? Of course. Of course

Right. Right. So you basically enjoy just having walks? Um, every every day, if possible

All right. Is that on a Saturday? You just do your own, right. So, yeah

Brilliant, right? It's a good space for that, isn't it? Yeah, it is. And, um, yeah, we have various things happening over the year friends along for do, I don't know whether you know, the community allotment that I'm involved with, right? Right. Yeah

Yeah. And there's, um there's also the disc. Golf does a ever play with the discs with the right

Yeah, because there's quite a few people in lockdown that got into it, I think. Yeah, that's right. Yeah

So are there any things about the the part that you think could be improved at all? Would you like to see anything different here? Or the swings Lemons? I don't think so. Is that the older Children's playground? No. They've been taken down, actually

Yeah, that's right. The Children's playground on the older Children's just Yeah, she might have a think anyway. Very good

Yeah. Anything else about the part that you think could be better? Probably in the middle, Where the used to be? Yes, yes, a kind of, I don't know. I'm not sure

Well, I think there's quite a lot of the of the gardens in the park that have been neglected to be nice. And yeah, it's just that bit seems a bit Yeah, it's It's been neglected, I think, Really. And, uh, the plantings sort of gone

We friends of Longford have tried planting occasional things there, but the problem is, there's not enough of us to keep keep on top of it, you know. And no longer are any gardeners based here in in the park. So it's It's It's problematic

Really? Yeah. From that point of view, yes. Yeah

Basically enjoy being here. Just, uh yeah, using it as you got, you know, open space. Really? Yeah

Yeah. Well, that's lovely. That's great

OK, thanks very much anyway. Cheers.

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