For Richard and Brigid the park was instrumental in them moving to the area. They first visited in 2002 - when they attended a festival and then moved in 2005. Seen lots of changes, they like the variability - lots of spaces that can feel private and that nature has chance to flourish. 

Important to Bridgids MH to spend half an hour each morning in the park.

Changes that have added to the park - like the cafe, and the wildlife garden, and the community allotment when physically able to. Having the range of things is good. The amount of nature in the park is good and birdlife, and bats! The tree walk has been good. Learning about the history of the park.

Things that could be improved include the flooding, and comparing to Victoria Park - the community space at the cafe gives the friends of VP more scope for activities, seated pilates - the Longfords is not part of the park. The lack of volunteers, or scope to support the park. Lack of financial investment - wear and tear during lockdown, but not then maintained to compensate.. potholes and uneven paths! 

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